Housing and Dining

On-campus Accomodation

Tsinghua SIGS owns four student apartment buildings at the northwest of campus: Heyuan One, Two, Four and Five. Three types of rooms are available: single room with bathroom, double room with shared bathroom, and triple room with shared bathroom. International students are normally allocated single rooms in Heyuan Building 4 and 5. Each single room has its own bathroom, shower and is equipped with air conditioner, basic furniture and Internet access. Please note that students are required to buy their own mattress and bedding.

A single room costs 12000 RMB a year, payable in full or semi-annually at the beginning of every semester.  


Off-campus Accomodation
There are a number of apartments for rental around campus, for instance, SoFunLand, located in Tanglang provides decent student apartments and shuttle services for tenants. It is the student’s responsibility to secure off campus accommodation. On average, off campus housing is more costly than dormitories on campus.


The SIGS campus currently has two canteens providing a variety of dishes including Halal food, regional Chinese dishes as well as a milk tea shop to cater for students with varying needs.

Opening hours for the cafeterias are 07:00- 09:00 (breakfast), 11:30-13:00 (lunch), and 17:00-19:00 (dinner). If you require a special diet whether for medical, religious or personal reasons, please do not hesitate to contact the cafeteria staff. Two convenience stores are also located near the SIGS dorms. The stores open at 8am and close at midnight.


Apart from canteens on the Tsinghua SIGS campus, students can dine in restaurants on other campuses in the University Town. Shang Shu fang Café and Starbucks are located at PKU’s PHBS building, while Subway and Hong Kong Bistro are located in Yanyuan, near PKU dorms (all accessible within a walking distance).


Pingshan Village, just outside of University Town, is also famous for its late night street food and cheap delicacies.

The campus contains the essential facilities for teaching,research and living, including classrooms, laboratories andoffices, as well as dormitories, canteen, restaurant, medicalcentre, student society house, car park, recreation centre and sports field, all of which are linked together by an 800-meter long walkway.

Library Services

UTSZ Library

The University Town Library of Shenzhen is located in the heart of University Town and serves four university campuses: Tsinghua SIGS; the Peking University Shenzhen Graduate School; Harbin Institute of Technology Shenzhen Graduate School; and the Shenzhen Institutes of Advanced Technology (Chinese Academy of Sciences). It combines the functions of a public and academic library, and is also open to local residents.

The UTSZ Library has the most abundant e-resources in Shenzhen to meet the needs of local technology innovation, business development and resident schools. The comprehensive collection covers subjects ranging from natural science and technology to business and foreign languages.

Students have access to all services and facilities with their campus card, including databases, e-journals, e-books, and the multimedia and print collections. 

Opening hours:

Mon-Sun: 7:30- 22:00


Tel: +86 (0755) 88866634




Students have access to all e-resources that the Tsinghua University library has subscribed to, including a wide variety of journals, newspapers, books, conference proceedings, encyclopedias, and multimedia databases.


Through the creation of high-end research and technology transfer platforms, Tsinghua SIGS will contribute to the local economy and global society. We collaborate with industry partners such as Tencent, Huawei and China Southern Power Grid. 

Faculty and students are able to pursue interdisciplinary research conducted among 7 theme areas including Energy & Materials, Information Science & Technology, Health & Medicine, Marine Engineering & Technology, Future Human Habitats, Environment & Ecology and Innovation Management. 

We have four Tsinghua Institutes on the SIGS campus, including Open FIESTA, the Center for Marine Science & Technology, the Center for Hong Kong & Macao Studies and the Institute for Hospital Management. We also house multiple national and provincial research institutes conducting research in areas of power systems, healthcare, functional carbon materials, engineering, computer technology, chemical biology, industrial energy conservation and more. These research institutes provide a world-class environment for faculty and students to pursue and collaborate on cutting-edge research.