Adler, Ilan
  • DIVISON: Data Science and Information Technology Research Center (TBSI)


1966 B.A., Economics and Statistics (Cum Lauda) Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel

1968 M.Sc., Operations Research Technion (Israel Institute of Technology), Haifa, Israel

1971 Ph.D. Operations Research Stanford University, Stanford, California

Research Interests

Theoretical development and practical implementation of optimization algorithms.

Analysis of Linear Complementarity Problems. In particular as applied to Bi-Matrix Games and Market Equilibrium Models. Probability Models and Analysis.


1970 – present, Professor, Department of IEOR, University of California, Berkeley, California

1975 - 1979, Consultant, Consultant Computation Bureau, Oakland, California

Optimization of large energy models

1978 - 1992, Partner and Vice President for research and development, Aleph Computer Systems, Berkeley, California

Design and development of computerized dispatching and accounting systems for transportation companies

1987 - 1990, Consultant, AT&T, Holmdel, New-Jersey

Development of Interior Point algorithms for large linear programs

Development of a computerized system for airlines crew scheduling

1997 – 2005, Consultant, Peter M. Cukor & Associates, Berkeley, California

Design, development and implementation of computerized dispatching system for a trucking company

2006 – 2007, Consultant, Money Management Group, Inc., Walnut Creek, California, Berkeley, California

Research on options strategies


?“A Simplex Algorithm Whose Average Number of Steps is Bounded by Two Quadratic Functions of the Smaller Dimension,” (with N. Megiddo),Journal of the Association of Computing Machinery, 1985

?"Interior Path Following Primal-Dual Algorithms" (with R. Monteiro), Mathematical Programming, 1989

?“Polynomial Algorithms for LP over a Subring of the Algebraic Integers with Application to LP with Circulant  Matrices," (with P. Beling),Mathematical Programming, 1992