Gao Dan
Assistant Professor

Dr. Gao’s research focuses on: microfluidics-based cell analysis, microdroplet reaction, MALDI imaging, LC-MS based metabolomics, and proteomics. To date, she has published more than 40 papers in Anal Chem, Lab Chip, Trends in Anal Chem, Proteomics and other journals. In the field of microfluidics, she firstly established the microfluidic-mass spectrometry combination system for online cell, cell-cell co-culture, or drug analysis. Compared with conventional chemical reactions, the developed novel microdroplet reaction is highly controllable, the reaction rate is significantly accelerated, and the reaction conditions are extremely mild. Dr. Gao has received funding awards from the Natural Science Foundation of China, the Natural Science Foundation of China (Youth Fund), the Natural Science Foundation of Guangdong Province, and the China Postdoctoral Science Foundation.


July. 2011 Ph. D. in Analytical Chemistry, Department of Chemistry, Beijing University of Chemical Technology

July.2007-July. 2011 united training at Prof. Jin-Ming Lin’s group at Department of Chemistry, Tsinghua University

July. 2012 B.S. in Chemistry, College of Science, Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology

Research Experience

July. 2013-present The Graduate School at Shenzhen, Tsinghua University

Jan. 2018-Jan. 2019 Visiting Scholar, Department of Chemistry, Stanford University

July. 2011-June. 2013 postdoctor, The Graduate School at Shenzhen, Tsinghua University

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