Gao Benhe
Associate Professor

Professional Experience & Education

Professional History

    Dr. Gao joined GSST in March 2003 as an Assistant Professor; in 2006 he was appointed Associate Professor in the Division of Logistics & Transportation. He also serves as deputy director of the Modern Logistics Research Center.


    Dr. Gao received his Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering from Xi'an Jiaotong University in 2000.

Instruction & Advising

Current Courses:
    Supply Chain Management; Facilities Planning and Logistic Distribution Center Design

Master's & Ph.D. Advising:

    Supply Chain Management



    Regional Logistics Planning; Green Logistics and Green Supply Chain Theory; warehouse planning and operation; Logistics Policy Research

Current Projects:

  • Research on the Development Environment of Global Supply Chain Enterprises

  • Optimization of Enterprise Logistics Management Process and Simulation of Warehouse Planning Design

  • Evaluation and Development Study on Quality Control of Inbound Materials

  • Shenzhen Longgang District Logistics Industry Development Planning

  • Strategy Research on Shenzhen Electronic Commerce Development

  • Research on Air Logistics Network Planning of Shunfeng Group

Additional Positions

Professional Arbitrator in Logistics, China Maritime Arbitration Commission;

Standing Director and Deputy Secretary-General of Shenzhen Institute of Mechanical Engineering;

Member of the Experts Pool of Shenzhen Science and Technology Expert Committee;

Member of the Experts Pool of Dongguan Science and Technology Expert Committee;

Guangdong Provincial Logistics Vocational Qualification Expert

Selected Publications:

  1. Tang Dunbing,Gao Benhe,Feature-based Metal Stamping Part and Process Design. Part I: Stampability Evaluation,International Journal of Production Research,2007,Vol.45, No.12:2673-2695

  2. Tang Dunbing,Gao Benhe,Feature-based Metal Stamping Part and Process Design.Part II: Stamping Process Planning,International Journal of Production Research,2007,Vol.45, No.13:2997-3015

  3. Lin Jiahong,Gao Benhe and Zhang Canrong,Simulation-based investment planning for Humen Port. Simulation Modelling Practice and Theory,2014, 40: 161-175.

  4. Shuai Liu,Benhe Gao, Erchao Liu,Yukun Liu,Distribution Center Multi-objective Location Problem Using NSGA-II. Advanced Materials Research, Vol.998-999(2014),pp1133-1127

  5. Gao Benhe,Zheng Li,Liu Dacheng,Li Zhizhong, A Research to the Stress Model of the Non-completely Chip-breaking in Vibration Drilling,Proceedings of the 5th International Conference on Frontiers of Design and Manufacturing,Printed by DUT Printing House, Dalian, China:263~269.,July,2002

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First Prize for Teaching Results of Tsinghua University

Science and Technology Progress First Prize of China Federation of Logistics & Purchasing

Science and Technology Progress Second Prize of China Federation of Logistics & Purchasing

Baogong Technology Innovation First Prize

Shenzhen Longgang Science and Technology Innovation Award