Zheng Xiangyuan


2003, PhD in Offshore Structure Dynamics, National University of Singapore

1999, Master in Earthquake Engineering, Institute of Engineering Mechanics, China Seismological Bureau

1996, Bachelor in Offshore Engineering and Naval Architecture of Engineering, Tianjin University



2014 - Present, Professor, Shenzhen International Graduate School, Tsinghua University

2012-2014, Professor, Deepwater Research Center, Dalian University of Technology

2007-2012, Senior Research Engineer, Keppel Offshore & Marine Technology Center, Singapore

2006-2007, Research Fellow, Centre for Ships and Ocean Structures, Norwegian Univ. of Science and Technology

2003-2006, Research & visiting Fellow, Civil Engineering Department, National University of Singapore


Research Interests

Offshore Engineering: Ocean Renewable Energy, Offshore Structures

Earthquake Engineering: Seismic Ground Motions, Seismic Design of Marine Structures

Focuses: Nonlinear Random Processes, Higher-order Spectrum



Editorial Board Member, Marine Structures, Journal

Editorial Board Member, Current Mechanics and Advanced Materials, Journal

ASCE Engineering Mechanics Institute Dynamics Committee

ASCE Engineering Mechanics Institute Probabilistic Methods Committee

Selected Publications

【1】          Qi Zhang, Xiang Yuan Zheng*. Offshore earthquake ground motions: Distinct features and influence on the seismic design of marine structures. Marine Structures, 2019, (65): 291-307. 

【2】          Shan Gao, Xiang Yuan Zheng*. An improved spectral discretization method for fatigue damage assessment of bimodal Gaussian processes. Int. Journal of Fatigue, 2018, (119): 268-280. 

【3】          Zhicheng Cai, Xiang Yuan Zheng*. Nonlinear Whirling Motion of Monopile Offshore Wind Turbines Subjected to Harmonic and Seismic Base Excitations. Int. Journal of Structural Stability and Dynamics, 2018, 19(2). 

【4】          Xiang Yuan Zheng, Yu Lei*. Stochastic Response Analysis for a Floating Offshore Wind Turbine Integrated with a Steel Fish Farming Cage. Applied Sciences, 2018, (1229): 1-19. (SCI)

【5】          Song Lei; Xiang Yuan Zheng*; David Kennedy. Dynamic response of a deepwater riser subjected to combined axial and transverse excitation by the nonlinear coupled model. Int. journal of non-linear mechanics, 2017, (97): 68-77. 

【6】          Shan Gao; Xiang Yuan Zheng*; Yi Huang. Hybrid C- and L-Moment-Based Hermite Transformation Models for Non-Gaussian Processes. ASCE Journal of Engineering Mechanics, 2017, 144(2): 04017179-1/04017179-9. 

【7】          Xiang Yuan Zheng*, Hongbin Li, Weidong Rong; Wei Li. Joint earthquake and wave action on the monopile wind turbine foundation: An experimental study. Marine Structures, 2015, (44): 125-141. 

【8】          Moan, T., X. Y. Zheng* and S. T. Quek (2007) “Frequency-domain Analysis of Nonlinear Wave Effects on Offshore Platform Responses.” Int. Journal of Non-Linear Mechanics, 42(3), p 555-565.

【9】          Zheng, X. Y.* and C. Y. Liaw (2005) “Response Cumulant Spectral Analysis of Linear Oscillators Driven by Morison Forces.” Applied Ocean Research, 26(3-4), p 154-161.

【10】       Zheng, X. Y.* and C. Y. Liaw (2004) “Nonlinear Frequency-domain Analysis of Jack-up Platforms.” Int. Journal of Non-Linear Mechanics, 39(9), p 1519-1534.