Nie Xiaomei
Associate Professor

Professional Experience & Education 

Professional History 

Prior to joining the Tsinghua faculty in 2013, Nie Xiaomei was a Visiting Scholar at Columbia University from 2011 to 2012. She has served as Brand Director of a large enterprise for years and has led her team in attaining more than ten Chinese national or regional awards in branding or communication. 


BA in Television and Broadcasting, Xiamen University

MA in Communication, Xiamen University

Ph. D in Design, Tsinghua University

Instruction and Advising 

Current Courses

Design Thinking and Method of Cross-media, Brand Image Communication and Management, Art Principle and Design for Social Innovation.

From 2015 to 2018, students under Prof. Nie’s instruction has won 33 awards in national design competitions.

Master’s & PhD Advising

Art and design theory, interactive media design, brand and communication


Prof. Nie’s research efforts are applied to develop cross-disciplinary studies on branding, communication, art and design, especially focusing on global brand strategy, cross culture communication and contemporary design theory research. She is also an artist and designer.

Current Projects

History of Global Brand Development, Cultural Inheritance with Digital Media, Cross-cultural Communication of Large-scale Enterprises, and Comparative Study of Chinese and Western Visual Arts.

Additional Positions 

Consultant, CCTV  "China national brand" project

Master ‘s Tutor, School of Journalism and communication, Xiamen University

Invited expert, Public Opinion Studio, Shenzhen Propaganda Department

Public Relations Consultant, Shenzhen City Administration


Prof. Nie has published 3 books, jointly compiled 1 books, and published more than 20 papers in journals and conferences. One of Her book was awarded the " Excellent Achievements Award of Shenzhen Philosophy and Social Sciences". Her research has also earned awards such as the "China Media Innovation Marketing Award", " First Prize of Doctoral Forum of Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan" and "Excellent Papers of China Advertising Symposium”.


Narratology-based Interaction Design of 3D Reconstructed Cultural Relics.  Virtual Narration and User Experience Design Analysis (VNUEDA 2019) at the Fourth IEEE International Conference on Data Science in Cyberspace (IEEE DSC2019), 2019,6.

Reimagining Cultural Heritage in the Modern Context: Contemporary Design in China, The Fifteenth International Conference on New Directions in the Humanities 2017.7

Research on the Symbol System in the Culture Inheritance of American Long-lived Brand. Modern Advertising, 2015(07):39-42.

The uprising wisdom of Chinese contemporary design: the review of the Artistic Design Exhibition of the 12th National Exhibition of Fine Arts, Art Magazine, 2015(02): 13-16.

Brand Image Design Strategies in Different Life Cycle. Packaging Engineering, 2015(10):12-16.

Division and Interaction: Explore the Tendency of Business Image Theories Through the Research on the Shift of Terminologies. Modern Advertising, 2013(12):12-17.

From Draftsman to Culture Creator: Transformation of Designer’s Role in the Evolution of Thoughts of Brand Image.

To study on American Contemporary Art’s Multiple Dialogue from the Angle of American Three National Exhibitions held in 2012. Art Magazine,  2013(04): 130-135.

Developing Trace of Corporate Image Identity Theory with Marketing Communication Vision. Zhuangshi,2012(07):72-73.


Life and growth in nature. Guangzhou:  Lingnan Art Publishing House, 2019.

Brand Empire: An Interdisciplinary Study on the Evolution of American Thoughts of Brand Image. Beijing: Tsinghua University Press, 2015.

Blooming in silence: Poem, essay and painting. Guangzhou: Huacheng Publishing House, 2008.

The second prize of outstanding achievement of the 8th Shenzhen philosophy and Social Sciences in Shenzhen (2017)

Excellent instructor of National college student advertising art competition (Guangdong division) (2015, 2016, 2018)

First prize of "Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Doctoral Forum" of Tsinghua University (2012)

China International Advertising Festival "media innovation Marketing Award" (2010)

Best booth design award of China (Shenzhen) International Cultural Industry Fair Expo (2008)

Top Ten major marketing events in China (2007)

Golden Award for China media planning (2007)

Ten major cultural cards of Shenzhen (2003, 2008)

Excellent papers of China advertising Symposium (1998)