Ni Shiguang
Associate Professor

Professional Experience & Education

Professional History

    Sept 2013 - present: Associate Professor, Graduate School at Shenzhen, Tsinghua University

        Jan 2018 - Feb 2018: Visiting scholar, Department of Social Work and Social Administration, University of Hong Kong

    July 2003 - Aug 2013: Assistant Professor, Harbin Institute of Technology (Weihai)


    Sept 2010 - July 2013: Ph.D., Department of Psychology, Tsinghua University

    Jan 2006 - Jan 2008: Master of Education, School of Psychology, Beijing Normal University

    Sept 1999 - July 2003: Bachelor of Engineering, Department of Psychology, Shandong Normal University

Instruction & Advising

Current Courses:

    Health Psychology; Data Thinking and Behavior; Positive Psychology; Participation in Professional Ethics; Data Ethics; Mechanical Engineering Ethics 

Master's & Ph.D. Advising: 

    Applied psychology; Public administration; Social work



    Applied psychology; Public administration; Social work

Past and Present Projects:

  • Ministry of Education Humanities and Social Sciences Research Youth Fund Project (11YJCZH128),

  • National Education Science Planning Project (BFA110053);

  • Guangdong Provincial Natural Science Foundation (2015A030310215);

  • Beijing Social Science Fund (14WYC058);

  • Ministry of Education Project commissioned research project (08FD3050);

  • National Sports General Administration Science and Technology Research (20111660301);

  • National Health and Family Planning Commission commissioned project;

  • China Population Missionary Center commissioned project;

  • Shandong University Humanities and Social Sciences Research Project (J10WH70);

  • planning 2016 tender key project (zdzz16002);

  • Shenzhen Social Work Committee commissioned project;

  • Shenzhen Soft Science (RKX20170804160352915);

  • Shenzhen Municipal Government Major Research Project (20170069);

  • Shenzhen Basic Research (Free Exploration) (JCYJ20170307153032483);

  • Nanshan District Soft Science project

Additional Positions

Member of the Mental Health Committee of the Chinese Society of Social Psychology (2014~);

Member of the Health Information Big Data Human Resources Development Professional Committee of China Health Information Society (2016~);

Vice President of Shenzhen Positive Psychology Association (2017~);

Special Editor of Science Press (Humanities and Social Sciences) (2014~);

Reviewers of "Psychological Development and Education", "Psychological and Behavioral Research", and "Frontiers in Psychology" (2013~);

Association for Psychological Science (APS) member (2018~);

Head of the research team of the Department of Social Science and Management, Shenzhen Graduate School, Tsinghua University (2017~);

Academic class teacher of Tsinghua University Shenzhen Graduate School Hospital Management Research Institute (2016~)

Academic Materials Authorships and Translations:

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Selected Journal Publications:

  1. Dong, R.& Ni, S*. (2018). Psychometric Properties of a Chinese Version of the Moral Attentiveness Scale. Ethics & Behavior, 28(2), 154-175. DOI:10.1080/10508422.2016.1274656.

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Second Prize of the 7th Shenzhen University Philosophy and Social Science Outstanding Achievements Academic Works in 2015;

Third Prize of the Achievements of Sports Science Research Project of Henan Province in 2013;

Third Prize of Excellent Research Achievements of Henan Provincial Political and Research Office in 2012~2013;

First Prize of Outstanding Scientific Research Achievements (Thesis) of College Student Education and Management in Shandong Province in 2012;

First Prize of Excellent Papers on Mental Health Education in Universities in Shandong Province in 2010;

Third Prize of Outstanding Achievements in Ideological and Political Education of Colleges and Universities in Shandong Province in 2010

Second Prize of Outstanding Achievements in Ideological and Political Education of Colleges and Universities in Shandong Province in 2009;

First Prize of Outstanding Papers on Mental Health Education in Universities in Shandong Province in 2009