MAY 26, 2020

Enrollment for SIGS Master’s programs continues online >

This marks the first year that Tsinghua SIGS is enrolling students independently. Offering 20 Master’s programs this fall, the school plans to admit 620 students from 1654 applicants.
MAY 25, 2020

"Qing Yan 1" research vessel assists in National Underwater Robot Competition >

On May 21, the 4th China Underwater Robot Professional Contest successfully concluded in Zhanjiang. Tsinghua SIGS actively participated in the organization of the competition and dispatched the "Qing Yan 1” research vessel to assist in the event.
MAY 22, 2020

TBSI core PI Prof. Sun Hongbin and experts publish book titled “Energy Internet” >

The book "Energy Internet" elucidates basic concepts, technical principles, and application scenarios of the Energy Internet. It also introduces key technologies, latest government policies and major demonstration projects in the field.
MAY 22, 2020

TBSI 2020 admissions and interview process continues online >

What qualities does TBSI look for in their candidates? Examiners provided some suggestions in the following article.
MAY 21, 2020

SIGS graduate students defend theses online >

Tsinghua SIGS has shifted its thesis defense online while upholding procedures and requirements of PhD and Master’s thesis defense at Tsinghua University.
MAY 20, 2020

SIGS student receives RONG scholarship for accomplishments in data science >

Master's student Ren Wenting completed the Tsinghua University Big Data Ability Enhancement Certificate Program, and won second prize of the Tsinghua Institute of Data Science RONG Scholarship