17 /FEB

SIGS Semester Online: Distance doesn’t stop our learning

More than 600 faculty and students of Tsinghua SIGS went online for their first day of spring semester classes.
04 /FEB

Voices from SIGS: Tsinghua starts spring semester online

On the morning of February 3, Tsinghua held its first class of the spring semester via various online platforms such as Rain Classroom and People's Daily for over fifty thousand teachers, students, staff and alumni.
08 /JAN

PlanktonScope's image processing technology passes Ministry of Science and Technology inspection

Image processing and identification technology of PlanktonScope passes Ministry of Science and Technology inspection and approval at Qingdao, China.
06 /JAN

Tsinghua SIGS: 2019 Top 10 News Stories

Our top 10 news stories to round off 2019.
29 /NOV

Optical imaging sensor maps electrode activity distribution and OER kinetics in redox flow batteries

SIGS research group sheds light on local electrochemical reaction processes within redox flow batteries by proposing an optical imaging method to map electrode activity distribution and bubble kinetics.
12 /NOV

First China RISC-V Forum held at Tsinghua SIGS, A.M. Turing Award RIOS Laboratory unveiled

The first China RISC-V Forum, with the theme of “Ecosystem Wants to be Free” was held at Tsinghua SIGS on November 12 to 13. During the forum, the RISC-V International Open Source Laboratory was officially unveiled.
05 /NOV

Robust and low-cost catalyst paves way for large scale hydrogen production

Research group led by Associate Professor Yang Cheng develops super robust and highly reactive non-noble metal OER/HER electrocatalyst, a critical step towards an industrial electrolyzer for large scale hydrogen production.
24 /OCT

Professors Wang Xiaohao and Tang Fei develop Certified Non-Invasive Blood Glucometer

A new non-invasive blood glucometer that does not require blood collection by needles has been developed by professors from Tsinghua and Tsinghua SIGS.
27 /SEP

SIGS research group unveils sodium battery technology breakthrough

The Kang/He research group, led by Tsinghua SIGS professors Kang Feiyu and He Yanbing, published their findings in Nature Communications on September 18.
19 /SEP

In-situ plankton imaging system developed by Tsinghua SIGS passes Ministry of Science and Technology field test

Tsinghua SIGS conducted a 3-day sea trail of its in-situ imaging system, PlanktonScope on research vessel Tan Suo Yi Hao between August 27-29.
27 /AUG

Xiaohao Wang/Liwei Lin Group in TBSI Develop Insect-Inspired Soft Robot

Inspired by cockroaches, Xiaohao Wang/Liwei Lin group in Lab 2a, TBSI have developed a fast-moving soft robot that can withstand being stood on by an adult. The result is published on?Science Robotics.


FEB 16, 2020

AI + empowers Shenzhen Nanshan against virus and in business recovery >

In the fight against the novel coronavirus, Tsinghua SIGS uses AI and big data technologies to aid epidemic prevention in Shenzhen’s Nanshan District and enterprises in resuming work.
FEB 14, 2020

Real-time epidemic management system helps prevent and control urban outbreaks >

Associate Professor Wang Fei from the Institute of Safety Science and Technology, Tsinghua University, led a professional team to Foshan city to provide information technology support for the Foshan Emergency Management Bureau.
FEB 07, 2020

Guide to Using Tsinghua Rain Classroom >

Tsinghua Rain Classroom is an important online platform for all teachers and students to continue their teaching and learning during this period. Please read for a detailed guide on how to use the Rain Classroom platform.
FEB 06, 2020

Notice to Adjust the Teaching Schedule for Spring Semester >

Tsinghua University is implementing a range of measures to prevent and control the outbreak of the novel coronavirus. During this period, students have been advised to postpone their return to the University.
FEB 06, 2020

Voices from SIGS: A Committed Tsinghua >

In times of challenge, the Tsinghua community has swiftly responded and bravely shouldered on responsibility to help fight the epidemic. As physicians, researchers or students, they are contributing knowledge and expertise at different positions.
FEB 05, 2020

Voices from SIGS: We are one Tsinghua Community >

A recent letter from Tsinghua University says “As a community, we stand united, guided by our history and inspired by those who have contributed to this important effort”. We are confident that a united Tsinghua will help overcome the current epidemic."