JUL 07, 2020

SIGS Graduate Story | Zhang Chi: Each paper is a time capsule of memories >

"For me, those memories are the most precious part of the whole research process." — Zhang Chi '20
JUL 02, 2020

SIGS Graduate Story | Wei Zixian: Be persistent and believe in what you do >

"Opportunities will eventually come to those who persist in what they believe in." -- Wei Zixian '20
JUN 28, 2020

Unveiling new opportunities for a Healthy China, and Collaborations for Global Health — An Interview with Prof. Xing Xin-Hui >

An interview with Prof. Xing Xin-Hui, Vice Director of the Institute of Biopharmaceutical and Health Engineering (iBHE) at Tsinghua SIGS.
JUN 28, 2020

SIGS Graduate Story | Xi Jingyang: Building bridges across cultures >

A passion for connecting and bridging cultural differences -- Xi Jingyang'20
JUN 23, 2020

SIGS Graduate Story | Xu Tong: Research is a journey of self-discovery >

"Opportunities are out there for those who are ready." -- Xu Tong'20
JUN 23, 2020

SIGS Graduate Story | Chen Yang: Believe in yourself and strive to excel >

"Don't seek to sail smoothly, but seek to ride the wind and waves." -- Chen Yang'20