Tsinghua SIGS Notice on Tuition Payments for Fall Semester 2020

Tuition payments for the fall semester will be accepted in mid- and late August. Refer to the following tables and sign in to the right system to pay your tuition. If the system shows that tuition information is not available yet, please stay tuned. 


For new students that enroll in 2020


For existing students 


Details about the systems:

-      The link to the Tsinghua SIGS Payment System is as follows: 


Sign in with your student ID as the username and your year and month of birth as the password. Then, follow the payment instructions.

-    The link to Tsinghua University's information portal is as follows: 


Choose Student Edition > Sign in > Comprehensive > Quick Navigation > Finance > Online Payment.

-    The link to the Electronic ID Service System of Tsinghua University is as follows: 



If you have any inquiries, please call Zhang at 0755-26036320 or 13602501362.