Institute for Hospital Management

The Institute for Hospital Management (IHM) of Tsinghua University was co-founded in April of 2012 by Tsinghua SIGS (previously GSST) and Tsinghua University’s Schools of Economics & Management, Public Policy & Management, and Medicine. It offers full- and parti-time master's degree programs in hospital management, and serves as a university-level cross-disciplinary research institute located at SIGS. The IHM is dedicated to becoming a leading research institute in hospital management, training hospital management professionals, and providing theoretical and technical support for the development of China’s healthcare industry. The institute strives to initiate reform and development of China's hospital management system, and to fill the gaps in systemic research in hospital management and the training of senior managers. Huang Jiefu (ex-Vice-Minister, Ministry of Health) has been appointed as Dean of the Institute for Hospital Management. Full- and part-time faculty members of the Institute are renowned experts in hospital management from within and outside China.

The Institute currently runs 5 research centers in the areas of domestic and overseas hospital evaluation, medical services and management, healthcare big data, and evidence-based medicine, and conducts government-funded research at the municipal and provincial level. Global partnerships in student exchange and internships have been established with Chang Gung Memorial Hospital (Taiwan, China) and top universities and hospitals in North America. The first doctoral program in healthcare, co-run with Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, officially opened in July 2016 and saw 25 students enroll in the inaugural class. In 2016, the Tahoe Tsinghua Hospital Management Fund was established for research and student awards.

In 2018, IHM signed an cooperative agreement with Harvard University's Chan School of Public Health.