We support interdisciplinary research, academic exchange and joint degree programs with Tsinghua partner institutions including UC Berkeley, Imperial College London, RWTH Aachen University, Kyoto University, Nagoya University, Waseda University and the Center for Research and Interdisciplinary (CRI, Paris). These links strengthen the international focus of SIGS and provide opportunities for students to collaborate on issues of global importance. Tsinghua SIGS will continue to work with long-standing and new partners to nurture talent, create research platforms and promote scientific research.



Academic Exchanges

Since 2013, we have organized student exchange programs with overseas institutions in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Norway, Denmark, Australia, Japan and Singapore. These programs broaden students’ vision, encourage cross-cultural communication and facilitate academic and research collaboration with leading research and educational institutions from around the world.


Exchanges in Higher Education Administration

In 2017, members of our administrative team visited leading universities in the United States, France, Switzerland and Germany to conduct exchange on higher education administration. These programs allow our team to exchange on issues surrounding higher education management with overseas institutions and help restructure our administrative system.


Exchanges in University Campus Management

In 2018, representatives from the Tsinghua Graduate School at Shenzhen, UTSZ, Tsinghua University, Peking University Shenzhen Graduate School and Harbin Institute of Technology Shenzhen Graduate School visited leading universities in Japan to exchange on issues related to campus planning and management.


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