Professors Wang Xiaohao and Tang Fei develop Certified Non-Invasive Blood Glucometer

A result of more than ten years of research, Professor Wang Xiaohao of Tsinghua SIGS, Professor Tang Fei of Tsinghua University, together with Global Health Ark Medical Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. have developed an innovative non-invasive blood glucometer. The meter was recently awarded with the Class III Registration Certificate for Medical Device by the National Medical Products Administration, becoming the first non-invasive blood glucometer to be given this certification in China.


Unlike traditional devices, the non-invasive blood glucometer does not require blood collection by needles, reducing risks of infection and pain of patients. Using a multi-sensor integrated technology, the device collects physiological data of the patient and calculates blood glucose value via a core algorithm. The meter is already protected by a number of patents.  


Composed of a 7-inch touch screen and a finger clamper, the meter can store multiple measurement results and visually show variations in blood sugar levels, thus improving efficiency and precision in blood sugar management. Currently, the team is preparing to launch the device into the market to benefit more patients with diabetes.

Article by Professor Tang Fei

Edited by Karen Lee