SIGS Environmental Science faculty and students visit KyotoU and Japanese Corporations

On October 20, Tsinghua SIGS faculty and students of Environmental Science visited Kyoto and Tokyo for two weeks. Organized by the Tsinghua University- Kyoto University Cooperative Research and Education Center for Environmental Technology (CRECET), participants from Kyoto University and Tsinghua SIGS took part in site visits, workshops and presentations, facilitating deep academic exchange in the frontiers and practical applications of environmental technology.

The group visited various facilities at Kyoto University including the Engineering Laboratory and Research Center for Environmental Quality Management. Other sites include the Japanese National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST), Shimadzu Corporation, Nikki Corporation, Yokohama Kawai Water Purification Plant, Yokohama Hokubu Sludge Integrated Treatment Center and Kyoto Eco Land Otowa no Mori Landfill. During the final presentation, students from both universities presented and discussed about their current research.

Since CRECET’s establishment in 2005, over a hundred faculty and students at Tsinghua SIGS have participated in exchange programs with Kyoto University. Over the past years, both universities have cooperated closely in areas such as scientific research, industrial application, personnel training and education management, and have established a multi-level and systematic mode of collaboration.


Group photo of Tsinghua-Kyoto faculty and students


Visiting a water purification plant 


Investigating a water purification plant and its sludge resource utilization


 Visiting the Dean of Kyoto University Graduate School of Engineering


Visiting a local corporation

Article by Chen Jiao

Edited by Karen Lee