SIGS Student wins Best Poster Award at International Water Association (IWA) Conference

Lv Jiahui, Environmental Engineering master’s student from Professor Tao Yi’s group won Best Poster Award at the 2019 Innovation Conference on Sustainable Wastewater Treatment and Resource Recovery held from November 25 to 28. Lv’s poster titled "The Effectiveness of an Algal-Bacterial Membrane Photobioreactor for Domestic Wastewater Treatment" stood out from more than sixty participating posters and won the award.

The poster introduced a new laboratory-scale domestic sewage treatment process which combines algae-bacteria symbiosis system and membrane filtration process. It not only has excellent pollutant removal efficiency, but can also produce oxygen through photosynthesis by microalgae in water during the treatment process, thereby reducing the rate of aeration in traditional wastewater treatment processes and saving energy consumption.

Held in Shanghai, this conference is co-sponsored by the IWA Nutrient Removal and Recovery Specialist Group and Tongji University. It is one of the most influential professional events in the field of wastewater treatment and resource recovery, attracting participants from academia and industry around the world.


Lv Jiahui (3rd from left) receiving Best Poster Award at the conference


Photo of conference participants

Article by Lv Jiahui

Edited by Karen Lee