Founding of SIGS Institute of Biopharmaceutical and Health Engineering (iBHE)

The founding ceremony of the Institute of Biopharmaceutical and Health Engineering (iBHE) at Tsinghua SIGS was held on December 12. SIGS Executive Dean Gao Hong, CPC Committee Secretary Wu Xiaofeng, Associate Dean Ma Lan, Deputy Secretary Guan Tian, as well as faculty members from the Life Science & Health Discipline and Precision Medicine and Healthcare Research Center of TBSI attended the ceremony. 

The establishment of the Institute of Biopharmaceutical and Health Engineering (iBHE) ushers in a new chapter in the construction of seven theme areas of Tsinghua SIGS. Secretary Wu announced that iBHE will operate under the leadership of Vice Directors Xing Xinhui and Ma Lan.

At the opening session, Gao Hong congratulated the founding of iBHE, which has great significance to SIGS. The institute will integrate disciplines of life sciences, physics, chemistry, biology, medicine, biological engineering, information and mechanical engineering. It will become a platform for cutting-edge research on innovative drugs and health technology and will play a crucial role in benefitting public health. She extended her expectation that iBHE lead the construction of an academic platform and achieve excellence in graduate education. 

Appointed as Vice Director of iBHE, Xing Xinhui will strengthen collaboration between the Institute and Tsinghua University’s Department of Chemical Engineering. The collaboration will jointly promote integration of academic disciplines in the innovative city of Shenzhen. Xing pointed out that the Life Science & Health Discipline requires the support of interdisciplinary approaches and engineering science, while new scientific ideas are also indispensable. Xing is committed to creating a high-level scientific research platform, improving support for talents and cultivating a spirit of excellence in scientific research. 

The SIGS School of Life Science and Tsinghua Department of Chemical Engineering have laid a solid foundation for the future development of iBHE. Plans for international cooperation are under way with the construction of a vaccine R&D and manufacturing innovation center between Tsinghua University and Imperial College London. The establishment of iBHE will play a vital role in the construction of first-class academic disciplines and cultivation of high-level talents in the future. 


Article by Shirley Li Shu, Karen Lee

Photo by DING Chao