Tsinghua-UNICEF STEAM Education Innovation Camp Successfully Concludes

On December 15, the award ceremony for “Human-centered Design for STEAM Education Program  (HCDP) – Global+ U Innovation Camp ” was held at Tsinghua SIGS. Teams presented on seven projects developed during the three-month program, and the projects were highly recognized by UNICEF officials and domain experts. 

At the beginning of the ceremony, Assistant Professor Tao Yi briefly introduced the work of the Global Competence Center at SIGS. He expected teams to continue to deepen their understanding of global competence, strengthen cross-cultural cooperation skills and broaden horizons. “Focus on global challenges, keep moving on and strive to stand on a larger stage,” Tao said.


Assistant Professor Nie Xiaomei also gave a brief introduction of the HCDP program. STEAM education combines science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics, with aims to cultivate creativity and comprehensive quality of teenagers. Projects developed through the program went through research, design, prototype and testing, and Nie fully affirmed students’ efforts and creativity. “I hope this program can bring local insights on STEAM, highlight global issues surrounding it, promote interdisciplinary cooperation and arouse the public to reflect on the nature of education,” Nie said.


Judges of the event were from Tencent, Shenzhen Newspaper Group, Shenzhen Overseas Chinese Town Co.,Ltd., Shenzhen Book City Cultural Investment Holding Co. and Mookray. The event also invited student volunteers aged 7 to 15, the target audience of STEAM education, and their parents to participate in the voting. 


Students presenting their projects  

4.pngJudges scoring the projects 

5.pngStudents voting for their favorite project 

UNICEF official Zhang Shengxin also gave his comments via video, expressing delight towards the refreshing and imaginative ideas of students, and believe that the projects were of good reference value to UNICEF.

6.pngAfter voting, first place was awarded to “Dudu Bear STEAM Education Platform", a creative and interactive short-video platform that assists and empowers teachers in the classroom. Second place was awarded to "Magic Girl 101" and "BUSTEAM Mobile Bus". “Magic Girl 101” is a card game for girls to gain interest and confidence in STEAM, and was commended for its idea to build a helpful and friendly community for females. Receiving second place, "Most Popular Award" and "Social Value Award", “BUSTEAM Mobile Bus" is a mobile bus that brings science and technology resources to children in less developed areas, where schools and families have limited education resources.

Other proposals include: "Lepei APP", an app to help parents explore nature with their children; "Bridge Workshop", a bridge-building workshop that combines engineering, art and culture; "Magic Dream Doors", a platform that allows users to experience different careers; and " Seek For Fun” education game, a game series that transforms interdisciplinary knowledge into puzzles and require close cooperation between players to solve problems.

7.pngJudges presenting awards to the winning teams 

8.pngTsinghua-UNICEF Closing Ceremony of "Human-Centered Design for STEAM Education"

HCDP is the first program in the Global+U Project, with the aim to enhance global competence and broaden international vision for students. Guided by Tsinghua University Professor He Jianyu, SIGS Professors Li Xiu and Nie Xiaomei, participants were from the courses of "Social Innovation Design" and "Internet Thinking and Technology”.  The program is co-sponsored by the Center for Global Competence and Open FIESTA, with support from the UNICEF China Office.

Article by He Xiyu

Photograph by Ding Siyuan

Edited by Karen Lee