Tsinghua SIGS Faculty members win Shenzhen Science and Technology Awards, Kang Feiyu wins Mayor Award

On January 2, the 2018 and 2019 Shenzhen Science and Technology Awards were presented to those with outstanding contributions in scientific and technological innovation. Chen Rugui, mayor of Shenzhen, presided over the conference, while other leaders of the Municipal Party Committee attended the event.

Faculty members from Tsinghua SIGS won Shenzhen Science and Technology Awards: Liu Houde and Wang Zhi won the 2018 and 2019 Shenzhen Youth Science and Technology Award respectively, Zhu Xiaoshan won the 2019 Natural Science Award with the project "Aquatic Environment Behavior and Biological Response of Manufactured Nanoparticles", while Wang Liming and his team won the 2018 Shenzhen Standard Award. The Mayor Award commends those who have achieved major breakthroughs in the forefront of contemporary science and technology. The 2019 Shenzhen Mayor Award was awarded to Kang Feiyu.

Kang Feiyu has served as Dean of Tsinghua Graduate School at Shenzhen (GSST), Co-Director of TBSI and is currently Associate Dean at Tsinghua SIGS. His main research area is in carbon materials and its applications in energy and environment. He has solved the key technical problem in application of natural graphite and graphene in lithium ion batteries, and promoted the development of China's natural graphite deep processing technology and high-safety rechargeable batteries.

Kang thanked addressed at the conference, "My 30 years of R&D and insistence in industry-university-research cooperation and technology transfer are inseparable from the support of Shenzhen Government and Tsinghua University. I will keep striving for greater achievements in this direction."

As SIGS continues to develop an academic and research environment that is "International, Borderless and Entrepreneurial", Tsinghua SIGS will see more innovation, better scientific research and more results from industry-university-research cooperation in the near future.  


Photo of award winners (from left to right) Wang Zhi, Zhu Xiaoshan, Kang Feiyu, Liu Houde, and Mei Hongwei  (Mei Hongwei accepted the award on behalf of Wang Liming and his team) 


Photo of the Award ceremony  

Edited by Karen Lee