Tsinghua SIGS-Tencent Interactive Media Design and Technology Center unveils

On January 3, the Tsinghua-Tencent Interactive Media Design and Technology (IMDT) Center held its first working conference and unveiling ceremony. SIGS Executive Dean Gao Hong, Dean of Tencent Institute of Games Xia Lin, Head of Human Resources of Tencent Interactive Entertainment Group Ma Bingbing, representatives of the technology industry and other core members of the program attended the conference and ceremony.


The IMDT Center aims at cultivating future leaders in the interactive media industry and promoting globalization of Chinese culture. The center attracts and nutures innovative talents, and organizes programs to strengthen innovation in talent, subject and research. Collaborating with industry leader Tencent, the Center aims to further develop the cultural and creative industry and build an experimental base for open technology innovation and cross-disciplinary practices in Shenzhen and the Greater Bay Area.


Li Xiu, Director of the Information Science and Technology Division and Executive Director of the IMDT Center, spoke on the overall progress of the program. Since July 2019, the master’s program has been accepting global applications from students interested in interactive media and show outstanding ability in technology and art appreciation for enrollment in September 2020. Meanwhile, faculty is also recruited from around the world, including professors from the School of Cinematic Arts, Univeristy of Southern California.


Instructional committee members of the IMDT Master’s program were awarded certificates of appointment

The unveiling ceremony was held at the IMDT Center, located on the 14th floor of the Information Building. Gao Hong, Xia Lin, and Ma Bingbing unveiled the nameplate of the IMDT Center together.


The unveiling ceremony 

The logo and nameplate of the IMDT Center were designed by Huang Wei, Director of the SIGS Design Arts Institute and Consultant of the IMDT Center. Inspired by the human brain in which the left brain is associated with rational, logical thinking and the right controls emotion and creativity, the logo not only represents interaction in the human brain, but also core values of the IMDT program such as human-computer, science-art and industry-education interaction .


Huang Wei explaining the design of the logo7.jpgMembers of the IMDT program

Article by Jessie Shen

Translated by Yunhan Lu

Photo by Yinwei Zhang

Edited by Karen Lee