Prof. Xiaohao Wang and team win 2019 RCM Beynon Prize for Best Paper

On January 7, Rapid Communications in Mass Spectrometry, an authoritative journal in the field of mass spectrometry technology, announced the winners of the 2019 RCM Beynon Prize. Professors Xiaohao Wang, Fei Tang, Kai Ni and their team won the prestigious award with the paper titled "Rapid mass spectrometry analysis of a rectilinear ion trap by continuous secular frequency scanning". The Beynon prize recognizes the most innovative and influential paper published in the journal in the past two years, and is the first time that the prize is granted to a Chinese research team since its establishment in 2004.


Prof. Wang’s team has been engaged in the research of miniature mass spectrometry instrumentation and its applications for more than ten years. The miniaturization of mass spectrometer will greatly promote chemical analysis in everyday life, and has important application prospects in the field of in-situ analysis.

In the award-winning paper, a two-stage vacuum RIT mass spectrometer with auxiliary AC frequency scanning function was built, and a continuous secular frequency scanning (CSFS) method was proposed.


     Timing scheme for rectilinear ion trap (RIT) in different analysis modes

Unlike traditional operation modes, the CSFS mode does not need discrete ion injection, cooling, analysis and clearing phases. Continuous ion injection and cooling is realized by maintaining the radio-frequency signal and front Z electrode in ion injection state while scanning the auxiliary AC frequency periodically. 

With improved speed and low requirements on power supply, the novel method provides a feasible way to improve analysis efficiency of the mass spectrometer and realize instrument miniaturization.


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About the RCM Beynon Award

In 2004, to mark the 80th birthday of John Beynon, the founding Editor of Rapid Communications in Mass Spectrometry (RCM) and its publishers (John Wiley and Sons, Ltd.) established the 'RCM Beynon Prize'. The award, consisting of a monetary reward of $1000 USD and a certificate for each contributing author, is awarded to an innovative advance in mass spectrometric instrumentation or methodology that has had the greatest immediate impact in its particular sub-discipline over the past two years