Voices from SIGS: We are one Tsinghua Community

At 10am on February 3, over fifty thousand Tsinghua teachers, students, staff and alumni logged on to the Rain Classroom platform to attend their first class of the Spring Semester. Even though our classmates were from different provinces of China or even around the world, we were united at heart as one Tsinghua family.

A recent letter from Tsinghua University says “As a community, we stand united, guided by our history and inspired by those who have contributed to this important effort”. We are confident that a united Tsinghua will help overcome the current epidemic."



SIGS students watching the broadcast 

Below are the voices of faculty and students of SIGS, who shared their thoughts on being a part of this supportive and warm community during this special period of time.


Chen Yuru, Mechanical Engineering major at SIGS

Two numbers left a profound mark on my mind - 1,403 students and 186 faculty members. This was the number of Tsinghua students and faculty in Hubei Province.  As President Qiu Yong said, Tsinghua will always be your home and the home for  all Tsinghua students. Facing the sudden challenge of this epidemic, our school spirit and motto will unite all students, teachers and alumni from around the world. I am extremely proud to be a member of the Tsinghua community.


Luo Muyun, staff member at SIGS

I am from Wuhan and got a call from the school the night before the city was closed off. Our supervisor asked about my recent situation in Wuhan and kindly reminded me to protect myself and my family well. I was very touched for the concern from my school. After that, my supervisor asked about my physical and mental status, and gave me much encouragement every day. Today is the tenth day of the city’s closure, and hearing Tsinghua’s efforts on preventing and controlling the epidemic, I have more confidence in defeating this Coronavirus epidemic!


Song Yan, Dean’s Assistant at SIGS

More than 50,000 students and teachers from Tsinghua shared an online course and together we proudly sang the national anthem. Self-reliance is the foundation of Tsinghua's spirit and we will continue to strive onwards to fight the epidemic!                      


Ma Yanqing, Costume Art Design major at SIGS

The first class of the 2020 Spring Semester was quite special. I attended the online class at home together with my parents. President Qiu Yong said, “Self-reliant Tsinghua people will keep striving onwards." Postponement of school does not mean a suspension of classes. The school will follow the teaching calendar, while faculty and students will continue classes as scheduled. This not only provides great support for students who will stay at home, but more importantly, cultivates a positive and diligent attitude among Tsinghua students during this period of time.

Photos provided by students

Edited by Karen Lee