Voices from SIGS: A Committed Tsinghua

“Our professors are researching cures, our medical professionals are joining the front lines, and our students are volunteering... We at Tsinghua live out the spirit of cooperation and service, taking on responsibility bravely,”  said Chen Xu, Chairperson of the University Council, during the first class of the spring semester that was broadcasted online on February 3.  

During these challenging times, the Tsinghua community has swiftly responded and bravely shouldered on responsibility to help fight the epidemic. As physicians, nurses, researchers, professors or students, these teams and individuals are contributing knowledge and expertise at different positions.


Students of Tsinghua Institute of Hospital Management at work

Below are voices from SIGS that we collected after the broadcast. These faculty and students share their thoughts on how the Tsinghua community is committed and bravely responding to this battle.


Zhou Peng, Student at the Tsinghua Institute of Hospital Management

I can feel Tsinghua’s deep care and responsibility for students and for our society. Apart from asking about our personal health conditions, the School is engaged in many efforts to combat the disease, with Professor Cheng Jing and his team developing virus detection chips, the Tsinghua School of Pharmaceutical Sciences (SPS) and Global Health Drug Discovery Institute (GHDDI) researching drug treatments, Beijing Tsinghua Changgung Hospital mobilizing its staff to Wuhan - these are just a few examples. Here, we can see Tsinghua’s capabilities as our broad network of alumni and subsidiaries are giving their all to assist and help fight the epidemic during this urgent situation.


Professor Jin Xin, Division of Information Science & Technology, Tsinghua SIGS

During this special period of time, we have to cooperate to ensure completion of all teaching and research tasks, and also understand students’ needs and difficulties. We should fulfill Tsinghua’s social responsibility, strive on in face of challenges, and contribute to our country and society.


Han Meihuan, Student at Open FIESTA

Tsinghua’s work in preventing the spread of the disease is very comprehensive and detailed. The School has even set up hotlines for psychological counseling - a service to ensure students’ mental and emotional wellbeing in face of the epidemic. Whether it is the decision to postpone school or taking action to understand each student’s condition, these all reflect the School’s commitment to each and every student.


Li Yao, Precision Medicine & Healthcare major at Tsinghua-Berkeley Shenzhen Institute

Thank you to all our teachers and fellow classmates who show that they care about us at all times, but even greater thanks must be given to staff across the country who are dedicating and devoting themselves to the front lines of this epidemic fight.


Photos provided by students

Edited by Karen Lee