Real-time epidemic management system helps prevent and control urban outbreaks

Facing the novel coronavirus outbreak, the country has implemented a range of measures to control the spread of the disease. Among the many efforts to fight the epidemic, Associate Professor Wang Fei from the Institute of Safety Science and Technology, Tsinghua University, led a professional team to Foshan city to provide information technology support for the Foshan Emergency Management Bureau.

Building upon their expertise in the field of urban safety, the team quickly developed a real-time epidemic management system. The system integrates real-time information such as the number of cases, prevention measures, rescue supplies and other data to create a visual representation of the current epidemic situation at Foshan.

The system is put into operation at the Foshan Epidemic Prevention Headquarters, and the Operations and Monitoring Centre for Foshan Urban Safety and Security. Using spatial information technology, big data analysis technology and risk assessment technology, the system provides dynamic information for comprehensive analysis and decision-making in epidemic prevention and control work.



The Institute of Safety Science and Technology at Tsinghua SIGS is established to fulfill needs of urban safety in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area. It aims to provide a research base, as well as technology and talent support in the field of safety science, with a focus on public safety and emergency management.

Edited by Karen Lee