Voices from SIGS: Supporting the Epidemic Fight through Art

Since the outbreak of the novel coronavirus, many have devoted themselves and contributed their valuable skills to contain and develop solutions against the virus.

In light of recent events, Master of Fine Art students from Tsinghua SIGS and other interested students have created art pieces with the aims to bring positivity and support efforts against the novel coronavirus. Guided by Professor Huang Wei and Program Manager Wen Xueyuan, students worked hard and completed their artwork in just 3 days. Their diverse and creative contributions help spread positive energy to overcome the epidemic.


Awaiting for Spring 

Huang Wei (Professor, Doctoral Advisor, Director of the Institute of Design Arts), Wen Xueyuan (Manager of General Affairs, SIGS Master of Fine Arts Program) 

The sphere in the poster symbolizes humanity while the mask means protection. The winter jasmines and beams of light symbolize hope and victory over this epidemic. It is everyone’s responsibility to take all precautions and protect their health during this period of time. We hope that everyone is well, as we look forward to the arrival of spring! 




Persist (Poster series)

Ma Yao, PhD student in Design

As companies resume work and things slowly get back to normal, we should still stay vigilant and not let our guard down. Even when we are commuting, grocery shopping or doing other outdoor activities, we should still wear a mask to protect ourselves and others, and to help the fight against the epidemic.



Sun Lu, PhD student in Design 

To prevent the spread of the coronavirus, we should be self-conscious, avoid close proximity with others and try to remain at home. Together, we will defend and win the fight against the epidemic. Together, we can definitely win!


Waiting for flowers to bloom 

Qi Baoying, Master of Fine Arts 

No matter how long the winter, spring is sure to follow. Facing the virus, we should not let our guards down and should still take all precautions to protect ourselves. Let us patiently wait for flowers to bloom and for spring to arrive. 



Wang Hanhan, PhD student in Design 

Curious, tempted and confused – these are three stages that people go through facing the novel coronavirus. Curiosity stems from our ignorance towards nature; temptation from various human desires; and confusion as we reflect on the causes of the outbreak.


We are sure to Win

Zheng Yingying, Master of Fine Arts Student

Many are dedicating themselves to the frontlines and fulfilling their responsibilities in this fight against the epidemic. They are doctors, nurses, soldiers, architects, community workers, volunteers and many others around us. By staying united and determined, we will definitely win!



Guarding our hopes

Zheng Yingying, Master of Fine Arts Student

The rows of face masks stand for many of us who are united against the epidemic. The fresh green leaves, drawn like our human lungs, represent good health. Spring will come soon, so let us safeguard our health and do not give up hope. 

The above artworks are compiled and distributed by the Public Relations Office of Tsinghua SIGS. Copyright belongs to the original artists and illegal commercial use is prohibited. Please contact us for permission to repost and share.

Artwork provided by students and staff

Edited by Karen Lee