SIGS Research: New rapid testing system speeds up COVID-19 diagnosis

In the combat against COVID-19, the detection of virus carriers is crucial to contain the spread of the epidemic. Faster confirmation of suspected cases allows quicker identification of infection sources and isolation of suspected patients.

To address needs for quick and accurate pathogen detection, a rapid testing system based on microfluidic chip technology is being developed by SIGS Associate Prof. Mi Shengli’s research team in the Division of Advanced Manufacturing and Shenzhen Huamai Biological Medical Technology Co. Ltd. Together, the team developed a high-throughput automated microfluidic chip system that improves detection speed of suspected cases.

The microfluidic chip-based portable nucleic acid rapid test system can significantly shorten confirmation time of suspected cases, reduce workload and improve prevention and control efficiency of the epidemic. It is low-cost, easy to operate and requires few samples. The technology is also applicable in the detection and prevention of other diseases in the future.

Currently, main components of the prototype have been completed. The team will continue to debug the hardware and software, and apply for a medical registration certificate in the near future.


Schematic diagram of microfluidic chip developed by the team

Edited by Karen Lee