SIGS Research: Intelligent Monitoring System and High-throughput Screening Technology help COVID-19 prevention and control

To prevent the spread of the virus which is highly contagious and difficult to detect during the incubation period, the implementation of efficient quarantine measures and high-throughput screening technologies at crowded places are essential to prevent potential outbreaks. However, traditional detection methods which rely on manual detection, are inefficient and pose safety concerns. Prof. Wang Xingjun’s team from Tsinghua SIGS has developed an intelligent monitoring system with wearable device for quarantine, and a high-throughput screening system to identify virus carriers in high flow density public places.

The Intelligent Monitoring System uses a body temperature sensor that can be worn on the forehead or underarm area to collect data. Data is transmitted through mobile phone or a gateway to a cloud platform for data integration and visualization. In cases that the data is abnormal, the wearer leaves the monitoring area, or if the device falls off, the system will give an alarm. Those with normal physiological data do not need to be repeatedly measured for a certain period of time.


The real-time temperature collection device can be worn on the forehead


Diagram shows mechanisms of the intelligent monitoring system

The high-throughput screening system can be used in high flow density sites, such as schools, train stations and customs. Combining artificial intelligent (AI) algorithms with infrared thermal imaging equipment and visible light acquisition equipment, the system can collect real-time body temperature and blood oxygen data for multiple people with non-contact methods. This helps screen suspected patients in time to prevent further infection and imported cases. Collected data will be uploaded to a cloud platform for public health data statistics and data interaction. It can also be directly connected to the health department for follow-up observation, diagnosis and treatment.


Diagram shows the use of the high-throughput screening system

The cloud platform and intelligent system are important components of the two devices. Their functions are to collect and integrate data for big data mining and statistical analysis. The platform provides strong technology support to ensure data security, and the AI system provides an algorithm rule library for data preprocessing and calculation, intelligent alarm, and makes predictions and decisions based on big data.

These two systems can provide full-coverage services for medical isolation observation and for high-throughput screening. At present, the product has sped up in research and development, so that it can be put into practice as soon as possible to help fight the epidemic.

Edited by Wang Xingjun, Karen Lee