Miles apart, TBSI connects with students abroad

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, Tsinghua-Berkeley Shenzhen Institute (TBSI) has been paying close attention to the health and safety of its overseas students, while supporting their research and learning online.

On April 2, TBSI held an online meetup with students who are currently abroad. When spring semester started, 49 students were dispersed in 16 countries such as US, Italy, Switzerland, Iran and India. TBSI Co-director Prof. Hong Gao, Co-Associate Directors Prof. Wai Kin (Victor) Chan and Prof. Liwei Lin; representatives of TBSI faculty; staff from the International Students & Scholars Office, Graduate Affairs Office, and Teaching Office attended this meeting.


Online meeting with TBSI students overseas


During the meeting, co-directors sent well wishes to students and reminded them to protect themselves during this special period of time. Students were mostly concerned about their return to campus, entry administration regulations, as well as arrangements to academic activities and graduate defense. Staff offered detailed advice, encouraged students to stay at home as much as possible, take precautions when going out, and maintain communication with their TBSI mentor.

Right now, all students staying abroad are in good condition. Students shared that they are trying their best to maintain a balanced lifestyle, and keep up with their studies, research and rest at the same time. They are able to connect with others in many ways and meet virtually. Being physically isolated doesn’t mean being emotionally isolated.

A student currently visiting UC Berkley shared that although research is slightly affected, overall it is still going smoothly. Sebastian, a TBSI Master’s student in Switzerland, also shared that online learning is working well. “Everybody helps each other to adapt and attain the best possible,” said Sebastian in a previous interview.

“At this critical time, people around the world stand together to fight this epidemic. Please stay safe and take care of yourselves,” said Prof. Hong Gao at the end of the meeting. Although a part of our community are still abroad, we hope to reunite with everyone on campus very soon.


Writer: Sam

Editors: Fei, Karen