SIGS students extend helping hands to the community

“Small acts, when multiplied by millions of people, can transform the world.” – Howard Zinn

Since the COVID-19 outbreak, the Tsinghua community has contributed in many ways to help with the control of the virus. Apart from medical staff and researchers who are using their expertise to save lives, many SIGS students have also extended their helping hands to support hospitals, children of medical workers, and their surrounding communities.   

Gao Han, a Master’s student in Hospital Management was completing an internship at the Third Medical Center of the PLA General Hospital in Beijing at the time of the outbreak. He decided to stay and assist the Department of Respiratory Medicine in collecting and analyzing data, following the development of the epidemic, and giving timely feedback to relevant departments. On the first day of work, he was brought to the fever and respiratory clinics, emergency departments, and saw fully equipped medical staff devoted to work. Restricted by his degree, Gao was unable to directly serve on the frontlines, but could help relieve the workload of medical workers. 

“To be able to assist medical staff within our abilities, witness the continuous adjustments in hospital management, and see the dedication of front-line staff was very rewarding,” said Gao. 


Gao Han, Master's student in Hospital Management 

Wu Taihui, a Master’s student in Instrument and Meter Engineering provided online classes for children of Hunan medical staff to help with their studies. 

“As the children are young, I have to think about how to effectively communicate with them, and target specific areas that they are weak in. Trust is gradually built,” shared Wu. He also realized that teaching is not an easy task, as he has to prepare lessons in a wide range of topics including History, English, Physics, and Chemistry. 


Wu Taihui, Master's student in Instrument and Meter Engineering

Guo Yingli, a Master’s student in Environmental Engineering has been coordinating volunteer services for two high schools since February. As the team leader, she contacted schools and quickly mobilized her group to reach out and better understand the needs of high school students. 

“If each of us makes a small contribution, we are helping the fight against the epidemic,” said Guo. 


Guo Yingli communicating with her volunteer team 

Liu Wenlong, Master’s student in Data Science and Information Technology provided volunteer services to his community, helping to verify information of residents in the area. This was a tedious task as some did not have access to mobile devices. Hoping to spread positivity and support, Liu also participated in Tsinghua SIGS’ collection of “Anti-epidemic posters”. His work shows a nurse hugging her daughter from a distance – a true portrayal of many who are unable to reunite with their families during the epidemic. 

“Like tiny stars in the sky, I believe that our combined efforts will illuminate the night,” said Liu. 


Liu Wenlong, Master’s student in Data Science and Information Technology


Poster by Liu Wenlong

Small acts of kindness have the ability to make a huge impact. Although our students are occupied with their studies and research, many are still proactively helping families and communities affected by the epidemic, sending warmth to where it is needed most. 

Edited by Karen Lee