Tsinghua SIGS welcomes first group of students back on campus


On May 12, Tsinghua SIGS welcomed more than 30 Hubei students back on campus after four months of closure. Students were welcomed by Executive Dean Gao Hong, CPC Committee Secretary Wu Xiaofeng, Deputy Secretary Guan Tian and others upon their arrival, and were guided through a series of procedures such as temperature checks and registration.

To prepare for students’ return, the school has worked closely with the Health Bureau and other units to implement extensive precautionary measures. Nearly 1000 staff members have undergone nucleic acid testing, and campus surroundings have been disinfected and deep-cleaned. The school has also completed two drills in April and May to improve the schools’ emergency plans and protocols facing various possible scenarios. 


First student returning to campus takes temperature check



Student presents QR code before entering campus



 Student disinfects hands

To ensure timely graduation and progress of research work, senior graduate students are scheduled to return in batches and in a staggered approach. The first batch of students will be completing a two-week quarantine at a centralized dormitory in the University Town, and will receive care packages that include face masks, hand sanitizers, disinfectant wipes and other daily necessities.

Leaders of the school welcomed students warmly, and expressed concern for the situation of students’ hometowns, their journey to Shenzhen, as well as the progress of their scientific research. They also reminded staff to continue to enforce prevention and control measures as more students return to campus.


School administrators welcome returning students


Student enters dormitory building

 Mao Min, a PhD student majoring in Materials, was the first student to return on campus. She was thankful to be back and found the school’s arrangements very thoughtful. Despite being away for an extended period of time, everything was still familiar to her and it felt like returning home.

Liu Fan, a Master’s student in Mechanical Engineering, expressed his excitement to be on campus and plans on completing his graduation thesis as soon as possible. He wishes to strengthen his body during this time so that he can complete his graduate studies with a healthy body and spirit.

On May 12, a total of 32 students from Hubei returned on campus. Currently, three dining locations are open with extended hours to avoid gathering of people, and campus services such as convenience stores and printing services are open. During this time, Tsinghua SIGS will continue with rigorous safety measures to ensure a healthy and safe environment, and warmly welcome students’ return on campus. 

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