SIGS “SafeHeart Toothbrush” project wins H2 Innovation Challenge

On May 7, Tsinghua SIGS students participated in the H2 Innovation Challenge organized by the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) Entrepreneurship Center. Among 86 entries, the team won first prize and most creative award for their innovation and entrepreneurship project "SafeHeart Toothbrush".


Product Flowchart of the SafeHeart Toothbrush



Enterprise cooperation model of the project  


Initiated by 4 TBSI and Open FIESTA students, Kit Wa Sou, Yui LO,  Jiaqi Tan and Zhiwei Hu, the team is committed to the transformation and application of biomedical technology, and the development of smart home products.

Targeting healthcare issues among elderly living alone, the SafeHeart Toothbrush is designed to detect specific biochemical factors in the oral cavity when users are brushing their teeth. Collected data can reflect physical and mental health conditions of the user, so that personalized treatment or rehabilitation programs can be provided in time. The device is convenient, user-friendly, and its non-invasive data collection method alleviates discomfort while helping to monitor health conditions of the elderly. 


The team presenting during the final round

The H2 Innovation Challenge is an online competition that aims to stimulate student creativity in developing ideas in gerontechnologies and innovative solutions for challenges among the ageing population and 'silver hair' market in the Greater Bay Area.

"SafeHeart Toothbrush" is a project of i-Space, a platform for innovation and entrepreneurship at Tsinghua SIGS. The i-Space Maker Space provides innovative educational experiences, as well as a supportive environment for students to experiment with trial and error during the creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship process.

Photo by Yui Lo

Edited by Karen Lee