SIGS student receives RONG scholarship for accomplishments in data science

Electronic and Communication Engineering Master’s student Ren Wenting recently completed the Tsinghua University Big Data Ability Enhancement Certificate Program, and won second prize in the RONG Scholarship awarded by the Tsinghua Institute of Data Science. Ren was recognized for her solid knowledge and practical experience in the field of big data, as well as her excellent performance in the scholarship defense.

Deeply interested in the field of data science, Ren enrolled in the Big Data Ability Enhancement Program during her first year at Tsinghua SIGS. She was teaching assistant for the course “Information and Communication Technology” and actively facilitated discussions with classmates on cutting-edge topics in the area.


Ren completing a defense for her internship at Tencent


In her second year, Ren completed an internship at the Tencent Youtu Lab where she conducted research on medical big data. To tackle difficulties in the classification and segmentation of retinal vessels, she developed a data-oriented approach that considered problems of model generalization. A new algorithmic model was proposed to classify and segment blood vessels, improving classification accuracy by an average of 7.8% on all types of data sets.

To broaden her horizons and better understand the latest research in the field of big data, Ren went on an exchange program to Australia, where she participated in workshops with foreign data experts.


Ren Wenting (second row, right) at the University of Sydney


“Through the Certificate Program, I have gained an interdisciplinary perspective on data science as well as skill sets for conducting research across multiple domains, “shared Ren. She hopes that more students can join the program to pursue their passions and future in the field of big data.


Ren participates at an international conference

The Tsinghua University Big Data Ability Enhancement Certificate Program focuses on training students’ data analysis, management and innovative application abilities. Students are required to complete a series of compulsory courses as well as an internship before receiving their certificate.

The RONG Scholarship was launched by the Tsinghua Institute of Data Science to improve educational quality, attract excellent students and nurture big data specialists. The scholarship has established a number of prizes which are awarded to students based on their completion and performance in the Big Data Ability Enhancement Program.


Photos provided by Ren Wenting 

Edited by Karen Lee