SIGS graduate students defend theses online


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Tsinghua SIGS has shifted its thesis defense online while upholding procedures and requirements of PhD and Master’s thesis defense at Tsinghua University. Currently, 16 academic programs at SIGS are using the virtual defense format for students to present their final work.

Tsinghua University Vice President and Provost Yang Bin previously said, "The defense committee will not relax its standards although the process is moved online." Despite the change, students will still be evaluated with high standards in terms of their academic performance and overall quality of their project.

During this time, the SIGS Academic Affairs Office has been instrumental in coordinating thesis defense work while considering requirements of different programs. Multiple departments ensured the smooth running of logistics, and students were invited to test both Tencent and Zoom platforms to familiarize with its audio and visual functions. Back-up plans are also put in place in case of network connection issues. 

Peng Yalan, a Master’s student in Hospital Management, shared that it was an unusual thesis defense, but was thankful for the efforts among faculty and staff.

“This was the day to review the results and efforts of my past three years as a graduate student. Detailed guidance from my advisor and thorough preparations by staff helped alleviate the anxious feeling I had before my defense. I received detailed suggestions from the committee to improve my thesis, which made me further realize the rigor and professionalism in scientific research,” shared Peng.


Thesis defense for Masters of Engineering in Electronics and Communication Engineering


Thesis Defense for Master of Fine Arts


Photo of students with their advisors

Since the beginning of March, the school has followed Tsinghua University requirements and mobilized faculty and staff to strengthen academic support for graduating students. Currently, online thesis defenses are being carried out to ensure that the impact of COVID-19 is minimized and graduation schedules will not be affected.


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