SIGS takes part in Tsinghua Global Summer School 2020

On July 27, Tsinghua Shenzhen International Graduate School (Tsinghua SIGS) carried out a series of engaging lectures for the eighth day of the Tsinghua Global Summer School (GSS) 2020. Launched in March 2019, Tsinghua SIGS is a collaboration between Tsinghua University and the Shenzhen Municipal Government that builds on the strengths and experiences of Tsinghua's Graduate School at Shenzhen, and the Tsinghua-Berkeley Shenzhen Institute (TBSI). It will nurture the next generation of global leaders by creating an international, borderless, and entrepreneurial learning environment. 

The opening session in the morning began with Executive Dean of Tsinghua SIGS, Professor Gao Hong introducing the history, mission, and development goals of the graduate school. Anthony Abordo from the SIGS Center for International Scholars & Students (CISS) then presented on accommodations being made for new student registration and orientation. Following this, he and other staff members from CISS and TBSI addressed other topics of concern through a live Q&A with participants.


Gao Hong (third from left) introducing Tsinghua SIGS



Participants of the session


The second session took place in the afternoon, with SIGS Associate Professor Yuan Bo giving a lecture entitled “Data Science: A New Way of Thinking.” Prof. Yuan’s current research interests include data science, reinforcement learning, and parallel computing, and his MOOC courses have attracted more than 150 thousand students worldwide. In this lecture, Prof. Yuan showed students how data science is changing the world, and suggested a new framework for seeing and interacting with our surroundings in order to better understand the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead. Data analytics is a skill that is applicable across disciplines, and can help students significantly improve their research. In less than an hour, Prof. Yuan covered the major applications of data science and provided useful suggestions on finding resources and conducting research in the field.


Prof. Yuan Bo giving a lecture on data science

In the evening, Associate Professor Liu Bilu gave the third and final lecture of the day, titled“Advanced Magic Materials for Energy and Environmental Applications.” Prof. Liu’s research focuses on the chemistry and materials science of low-dimensional materials, with an emphasis on carbon nanostructures, two-dimensional materials, and their heterostructures. Prof. Liu gave a fascinating lecture by first introducing the history of materials science, and then covering important topics in low-dimensional materials and nanomaterials. Using carbon as an example, Prof. Liu highlighted the magic of low-dimensional carbon materials, their synthesis, intriguing properties, and industrial applications. Students of different backgrounds were able to learn about the beauty and importance of materials, and acquired a deeper understanding of low-dimensional materials through the lecture.


Prof. Liu Bilu giving a lecture

The day of events was well-received by participating international students. After the event, CISS held a meeting to discuss issues raised during the information session, and continued with intensive preparations to welcome international and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan students for the new semester.


Writer: Karen Lee

Photos: Tsinghua SIGS CISS

Editor: Anthony Abordo