New students move in on Registration Day

On August 24 and 25, Tsinghua SIGS welcomed its newest cohort of students on campus. Over two days, more than 1,600 students moved in and started their new journey in Shenzhen.


Registration Day amidst the pandemic

At 8 o'clock in the morning on August 24, new students entered through the North Gate of the SIGS campus. Students made appointments in advance, and completed a temperature check as well as other safety procedures before entering campus.

Xu Junjie in the Division of Ocean Science was the first student to arrive. He shared that it took him two years to prepare for Tsinghua University, and hopes to focus on scientific research and further studies.


Student volunteers help with move-in

Many volunteers who assisted on Registration Day were also new students of SIGS. They participated in a leadership training camp a week in advance, and guided fellow classmates through the registration process. Volunteers Li Longfei and Wang Naiyu arrived at 7:30 in the morning to help with the move-in. "Just like others, we hope to help new students on this big day," they shared.

A warm welcome from the school

On August 24, Executive Dean Gao Hong, CPC Committee Deputy Secretary Guan Tian, and Dean’s Assistant Song Yan welcomed new students that arrived on campus. School leaders and administration then visited the Yungu and Heyuan student dormitories. The group talked with students about their studies and research, and asked for their opinions to improve the campus living and learning environment.


An opening ceremony for graduate students will be held simultaneously with Tsinghua University in Beijing on August 26, followed by a series of orientation activities before classes start.


Welcome on campus, new SIGSers!

Cover Design: Han Xiaoyu, supervised by Wen Xueyuan

Photos: Ding Chao, Fei 

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