Voices from SIGS: Meet our new students (2)

This fall, more than 1,600 new graduate students have joined the Tsinghua SIGS family. For the past two weeks, they have been taking part in intensive orientation activities aimed at helping them locate academic and campus resources, exchange with faculty and senior students, and settle into graduate school life.

We interviewed some of our newest cohort, each with diverse experiences and stories, and learned more about their dreams and future plans at SIGS.


Markey Tan

Master’s student in Electronic Information (Artificial Intelligence)

Markey is an international student from Thailand. She is passionate about learning ways to use technology for social good, especially in education and climate change.

“Tsinghua is one of the top universities in China, and Shenzhen is also one of the rising cities in the Greater Bay Area. With the combination of Tsinghua and Shenzhen, I believe there will be many good opportunities waiting for us. Just like the quote “来了就是深圳人”, I can feel a sense of belonging to this city even though I’m a foreigner.”



Pang Zhengqi

Master’s student in Open FIESTA Internet+ Innovation Design

Pang Zhengqi was attracted to Shenzhen’s inclusive atmosphere and friendly community when she first visited the city in middle school. This summer, she was a participant of the LINK leadership program and had a strong impression of the international, borderless, and entrepreneurial atmosphere at SIGS.

“Executive Dean Gao Hong gave a speech on cultivating global competence, and encouraged us to be more proactive, to broaden our horizons and to shine brightly on the international stage. Her speech left a great impression on me.”

During orientation, she became good friends with Markey, an international student from Thailand, and looks forward to exchanging with students from around the world at SIGS.


 Tymek Swistek

Master’s student in Electronic Information (Artificial Intelligence)

Tymek is an international student from Poland, and is deeply passionate about the field of computer science and foreign languages. He completed his undergraduate studies in Information Technology at the University of Gdansk in 2014, and studied Chinese language for a year at the China Youth University of Political Studies in Beijing. After graduating, he worked as a machine vision engineer at a Polish IT company Adaptive Vision.

“I am extremely excited to be able to combine my passion for languages and previous professional experience here at SIGS. I chose Shenzhen specifically, because of several business trips that I have taken there in the past. Shenzhen gave an impression of a very modern and vibrant city. Additionally, I see it as an advanced technology incubator as well as a place where machine vision enjoys the widest implementation. In the future, I hope to conduct research on the application of artificial intelligence techniques in the area of industrial inspection.”





He Liqiong

Ph.D. student at TBSI

He Liqiong completed her undergraduate degree from Tsinghua University, and is an incoming Ph.D. student at the TBSI Environmental Science and New Energy Technology Research Center.

“I was attracted to the joint Ph.D. program between Tsinghua University and UC Berkeley at TBSI. I expect more opportunities for overseas exchange, and an open and inclusive atmosphere. Shenzhen is a vibrant city and the government places strong support and emphasis on education and technology. I look forward to joining the TBSI family.”





Photos provided by interviewees

Editor: Karen Lee